Digitization as the future of mortgage lending
02. 09. 2022

- Interest in the mortgage market has increased significantly. What is causing this?

- The main influence was the situation in the world in recent years, the unstable exchange rate, closed borders, remote work is being strengthened and people not only got the opportunity to earn income from several branches, but also faced the problem of investing savings. Real estate is the optimal and non-risky investment option,֊ said Hak Kocharov, Head of Retail Business Development of Global Credit.
- How safe is this type of investment?
- With the significant increase in housing and apartment prices, there is no indication that this will slow down or stop growing in the near future. According to the latest data, the average prices of real estate in Yerevan have increased by more than 12%, Narine Karapetyan, Head of Public Relations and Marketing, said.
- On the other hand, the demand is growing, on the other hand, there are profitable interest rates. All this indicates that now is the best time to take a mortgage loan, and the increase in prices will allow you to sell it later at a higher price than the initial one and, why not, it is a "price freeze". Let me explain what this is. if now they take a mortgage in the amount of 30 million AMD and for a period of 15 years, then after years the value of the apartment may be even 2 times upper, but you pay as much as the real estate cost when you purchased it.
- Why people should take a mortgage loan from Global Credit?
- Global Credit took the path of fintech organization years ago. The first prerequisite for taking this path was saving the most important resource which is time and our main goal is to provide the most convenient, fast and easy service. As a result of all this, we digitized the mortgage lending sector this year. It allows us to be maximally fast and for one step ahead of our competitors. We accept applications and issue loans online. We also provide this option in the secondary market and I can proudly say that we are still the first and only one in this segment.
- Currently, one of the problems of those who want mortgage lending is the advance payment. What can you advise or how can you guide in this regard?
- Yes, the problem with most clients is the lack of advance payment. In this regard, I can say that Global Credit provides even a 7.5% advance payment if certain conditions are met. All conditions are created so that the client is confident about his investment. It is often said that a mortgage is a burden that a person has to carry for many years, but if properly calculated and used correctly, it is a really convenient financial tool for investment.